Renovation Ideas to Boost Condo Selling Price

Monday Mar 14th, 2022


RE/MAX Canada RENOVATION IDEAS TO BOOST CONDO SELLING PRICE      Renovations have the power to pump up selling price but do your research before reaching for the sledgehammer. Buyers want updated features and finishes without the hassle and costs of having to do it themselves. However, you don’t want your price to be at the top of the range compared with similar units in the area. Here are our top condominium renovation ideas to help you get the maximum return on... [read more]

Canadian Real Estate Prices Expected to Rise 9.2% in 2022

Sunday Dec 12th, 2021


CANADIAN REAL ESTATE PRICES EXPECTED TO RISE 9.2% IN 2022: RE/MAX   December 1st, 2021   Confidence Continues In Canadian Real Estate Market, With The Inter-provincial Relocation Trend Likely To Remain Strong In 2022   - Migration between provinces expected to continue in 2022, potentially impacting local Canadian real estate conditions, according to 53 % of RE/MAX brokers (20 out of 38). - 49 % of Canadians believe the housing market will remain steady... [read more]

Consumer Sentiment Survey

Monday Jun 7th, 2021


CANADIAN REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY:  CONSUMER SENTIMENT SURVEY May 26th, 2021 CONSUMERS NEED MORE THAN BASIC HOUSING MARKET KNOWLEDGE FOR THEIR PROFESSIONAL REALTOR WHEN NAVIGATING CHALLENGING CANADIAN REAL ESTATE MARKET, NEW STUDY FINDS        New consumer survey by RE/MAX reveals that buying and selling in the Canadian housing market is not a simple “transaction,” but a complex negotiation:      Almost half (41%) of... [read more]

Are Condos a Good Investment?

Wednesday May 5th, 2021


ARE CONDO A GOOD INVESTMENT?   Why Condos are still a good investment today.   November 20th, 2020      The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the country in several ways, especially the real estate market. Yet, the good news is the industry was quickly able to adapt to virus conditions by relying on technology solutions like virtual open houses and e-signatures to facilitate transactions. As a result of this quick pivot, home buying and selling persists... [read more]